How to Smoke Moon Rocks for an Affordable, Ultra High

How to smoke moon rocks for the best high

Do you have days when you long for an out-of-this-world high, and you don’t know which dose of your favorite cannabis product to use? Well, good news, moon rocks have made quite the buzz in the industry about the kind of high you dream of. Read on to learn how to smoke moon rocks and the benefits and possible disadvantages of using the product.

What are Moon Rocks?

If smoking moon rocks is top of your to-do list, what is in store for you is a great combination of different cannabis products. In simpler terms, moon rocks are nugs of cannabis flowers that are first dipped into hash oil or an extract like shatter then rolled in kief.

The origin of the moon rocks might be unclear, but popularity credits go to West Coast rapper Kurupt, who introduced his brand of moon rocks and used hip hop albums to market it.

Moon rocks are credited with providing an affordable, ultra-high that will last you a few hours to a full day. But why is it so good, you wonder? Well, if dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief, the resulting hit comes with quite the THC percentages you find hard to believe.

Hash oil comes as a highly concentrated Cannabis THC created with pressurized butane oil. The THC concentration can be as high as 80%. On the other hand, kief is a powder made from cannabinoids, trichomes, and terpenes extracted from cannabis buds. Thus, each ingredient increases the potency of moon rock since even the flowers have their own THC concentration.

Cannabis moon rocks are made from almost all cannabis strains. Thus, they will not cost you a fortune while providing a super high you will appreciate for many hours.

What is the Best Way to Consume Moon Rocks?

The easiest way to consume moon rocks is smoking, but don’t take it lightly; smoking moon rocks easily takes preparation. For starters, moon rocks, seeing as they are dipped in extract, are greasy and difficult to keep lit.

Thus, you will need to use the piece of moon rock with your usual cannabis flower to make things easy and interesting. To get the best out of this stoner, follow this step-by-step guide about how to smoke moon rocks.

What you need

As mentioned earlier, smoking these highly potent weed nugs requires some preparation. You will need;

  1. One gram of moon rocks
  2. A gram of your cannabis flower
  3. A piece of glassware; like pipe, bubbler, or bong
  4. A blade or straight razor
  5. A lighter
  6. A rolling tray

How to smoke CBD moon rocks

When you have these, it is time to get down to the smoking business. These are the steps that will leave you super high.

Step 1

Place the piece of moon rock on the rolling tray. Then, using the blade or razor, cut it into small pieces of your ideal size (four to six pieces).

Step 2

Pack a bowl of your cannabis flower in the glassware.

Step 3

Pack your moon rocks loosely to the same bowl.

Step 4

Now, use your lighter to burn the moon rock on top of the flower. Ideally, the moon rock needs to sizzle and melt into the flower beneath.

If it catches fire, blow it off without touching it; when melting, the moon rock will be very greasy and sticky, so one touch will leave you with a nasty burn.

Step 5

This best step needs you to inhale while applying low heat to the bowl. Careful not to touch the moon rocks, you can inhale the magic until the rocks melt away.

Step 6

Now, for the final step, exhale a colossal cloud; you can also cough, though it is optional if you are experienced. From there, you can decide to simply collapse into the couch for the best high for the foreseeable future.

When you do get back to this world, you will know the best smoking process to get high again when life asks of it.

Are Moon Rocks potent?

By all means, moon rocks are some of the most potent cannabis products. However, potency heavily relies on the batch used in production and the process as well.

That said, moon rock potency can range from anywhere between 50% THC concentration to well over 90%. This particular moon rock has a potency of between 60-80% and is available in different flavors.

While combining your flower, hash oil, and kief produces such great potency, it is the high you will always long for. Unlike other forms of cannabis, smoking moon rocks offers a slow-burning high whose full effects you could feel up to 30 minutes after smoking and can last well over a day.

Advantages of Smoking CBD Moon Rocks

So, you’ve found out what moon rocks are, how potent they are, and how high you can get but are still unsure if you want to try them? These few benefits may help you decide if you want to smoke moon rocks or not.

  • Moon rocks are cost-effective since you can only consume in small, 1g amounts
  • They contain high THC levels, thus also ideal for medicinal patients
  • They are available at affordable prices at this online dispensary
  • They pack a powerful punch
  • They are easy to smoke

Disadvantages of Smoking CBD Moon Rocks

As a form of marijuana, these moon rocks are carefully produced, thus least likely to pose any health risks. However, there are two main disadvantages you deal with if a moon rock is your favorite concentrate.

  • It is a sticky concentrate, so you need to be careful when putting it in a grinder as it can get stuck in the grinder’s teeth
  • You will need to store it in a cool, dry place so it doesn’t melt

Are There Some Tips To Observe Before a Smoking Session?

As seen earlier, moon rocks pack quite the punch and could be too strong for a new cannabis user. For this reason, here is a list with a few tips to help you get started. These tips are also ideal for experienced cannabis users and all of the cannabis community looking to get extremely high.

  1. Always use glassware. A moon rock is not your regular weed, so you will find it a bit difficult to roll it in a joint or even grind it. Thus, using glassware such as a glass bong makes it easy to roll it and keep it lit.
  2. Start with small amounts. As this cannabis concentrate is extremely potent, your best bet as a beginner is to start with small hits. Also, space out the smoking sessions as you gradually increase intake.
  3. When possible, use your favorite freshly cured indoor flowers. Since moon rocks are sticky and hard to roll in a joint, your best smoking option is to use with a traditional flower so it can burn on top. Not only will this be more manageable, but you will also get doubly high.
  4. Have free time before smoking. This product will knock you out, so it is best to finish all your tasks before getting high.
  5. Eat before smoking and stay hydrated after smoking. If you have something in your stomach, there are fewer chances you will feel nauseous. Additionally, hydration is key to a safe high, so you might benefit from sitting a bottle of water next to you before smoking; you will be able to reach for it when cottonmouth hits and you are couch-locked.
  6. Smoke from a comfortable environment. It is worth noting you will be in stuck mode when the high hits, so your best option is to smoke in a comfortable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Smoke Moon Rocks

a) Are moon rocks worth it?

Moon rocks are what you go to when you want to get high and stay high for hours. Additionally, moon rocks are inexpensive, considering the THC levels they offer. You will also only need a small amount for each hit.

b) Can I make my own moon rocks?

If you thought it’s hard to make your own moon rocks, you might have got it wrong. All you will need is;

  1. A strain or favorite flower; GSC flower could be best if this is your first time
  2. Cannabis concentrates such as hash or any cannabis oil
  3. A bowl of kief from the grinder
  4. Pinching apparatus like tongs
  5. A liquid dropper

With all your ingredients and apparatus, prepare your traditional moon rocks in these steps.

  1. When you have your favorite strain, grab a nug or two and cover it in your concentrate. It is best to use a dropper so you can cover the bud with concentrate without having to dip it in.
  2. Using the tongs or pinching apparatus, roll the bud in kief until it is fully covered.
  3. Let it dry before you smoke it.

c) How fast do moon rocks work?

Moon rocks have such slow-burning effects that you can feel the high hit every part of your body. Then, after 30 to 45 minutes, you can be completely high for the foreseeable future.

While this high is amazing, it is worth noting there are side effects of smoking too much moon rocks with symptoms ranging from lightheadedness, dizziness, and nausea. In addition, too much consumption puts you at great risk of addiction; thus, it is best to really space out your smoking sessions.

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