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Tips on How to Smoke in Your House Without it Smelling

While the smoke smell can put you in trouble with the occupants of your house or your property manager, that is not the worst that can happen. Third-hand smoke buildup from the lingering smell of cigarette smoke is what should worry you the most. If you have to smoke cigarettes inside, there are many ways to make smoking indoors manageable for you and everyone around you. We will give you tips and directions on how to smoke in your house without it smelling so that you can worry less about making anyone uncomfortable, including yourself.

1. Air Purifiers

If you have to smoke indoors, an air purifier is a way to go. Smoking cigarettes deposits a lot of residue into the air in the house whenever you blow smoke. The cigarette smell will stay there with you until you get rid of it one way or another. In addition, there are large quantities of CO2 in cigarette smoke, and CO2 is heavier than air. This means that there will be limited fresh air in the room after smoking because of the carbon that will be hanging low in the room. You can find affordable air purifiers to solve this challenge and eliminate the need to smoke outdoors at all costs.

A room without cigarette or cannabis smell is possible once you can put your hands on air purifiers. Whichever purifier you decide to go for, try to buy more than one unit to make the process sufficient for a stank-free house.

An activated carbon filter is a great option that will not set you back so much and can perfectly purify the air in the house. Carbon is renewable, and there are great options for you to pick from. You can find options including carbon filters made from bamboo, which are highly effective and useful. Another option would be to use baking soda that will help you hide the smell once you are done smoking.

2. Open Windows

Before you start smoking, ensure you leave every window open to allow air out of the house. An open window allows for air circulation, and hence a significant reduction in the amount of smell left lingering in the room. Open a window, and you will notice how huge of a difference it makes having some ventilation going on in the house. A window does the simple yet important job of letting the smoke out and keeping the odor at a manageable low. So before you have the challenge of removing stank from the house, you will have reduced the amount significantly.

It would be pointless opening windows and not using them as required. Having the windows open will not help with the cigarette or the weed smell if you do not exhale outwards or outside the window. If you smoke deep inside a house with windows open, you will still have to remove odor at the end of the day. If you smoke inside the house, there is a risk of the smoke leaking into the HVAC system and spreading to other rooms in the house.

When you have the windows open, you want to aid the process by running the ceiling fans. That way, it will be as good as smoking outside. If your door opens to a balcony, have that open too. Having a fan sitting on the window sill to help push out the air is a great idea to help with the air to reduce the odor in the house. Windows are your door to a healthier smoking habit.

3. Air Fresheners

An air freshener is a very handy thing to have as a smoker. Smoke smell is notorious for sticking literally on anything it makes contact with. Air fresheners ensure you have a smell-proof house even before you have to use baking soda and other purifiers to get rid of cigarette smell. Smoking weed in the house is something you want to do discreetly without making anyone who would want to visit you think twice every other time. While a healthier alternative would be to go outside, sometimes that option is not available, and all you can do in such a situation is mask the smell.

You can use different methods to mask the smell of cigarette or marijuana smoke. Using a natural room deodorizer is a great way to start. Burning incense almost always works when you smoke weed in the house. Indoor smoke will rarely stand a chance against some good incense. Once you are done smoking, you can spray a normal air freshener to leave your house clean and free of smoke smell. Combined with opening windows and having the fan running, air fresheners are a great way to keep the smell at a minimum.

4. Close the Air Vent

Air vents in the house carry air from one room to the other. Smoking indoors should at least keep the cigarette smell in one room, but if you leave the vents unattended, you will soon be dealing with a much bigger problem. Getting the smell to other rooms is not any big a deal as other people in the house being third-hand smokers. That is the biggest reason why you should have the air vents closed when smoking in the house. With the air vent taken care of, you can be sure of a stank-free house without any odors.

There are different ways by which you can lock the vents when you smoke indoors. Some vents have locking mechanisms that allow you to flip the mesh and lock the vent. Other vents do not have a locking mechanism, and you have to come up with ways of getting the vent locked. For example, you can stick a plastic bag over the vent using tape to prevent the air from going through to other rooms. You are keeping any suspicion at bay and protecting your parents or siblings in the process.

Be sure to remove any form of air blockage on the vent once you are done. The air vents are important for keeping the house well ventilated. Do not keep the vents closed for longer than necessary periods.

5. Wet Towel

There is no better time to use a wet towel than when smoking in the house. Of course, you can use a dry towel, but using a dry towel will do a great job of keeping the smoke from getting to the other room. In addition, Wet fabrics tend to absorb the smoke better than dry ones. Therefore, a wet towel will not only keep the odor in your room but also help absorb any extra odors that would remain lingering in the room.

As we mentioned earlier, CO2 is heavier than air and would get through spaces under the door more easily and into the other rooms.

6. Smoke Buddy

The smoke buddy is a device that uses a carbon filter to get rid of the smell from exhaled vapor. Cigarette smoke has a lot of CO2 as one of the side products. CO2 is heavier than air, and therefore, can be easier to filter. Even if you are in a room without other people inside, it is still a better idea to have the device to help you reduce the amount of work you have to do to remove the odor once you have finished smoking. Before you light the cigarette, ensure the buddy is close by.

Smoke buddies can last you as long as six months of continuous use and are something you want to invest in for long-term use. A good device will last you up to 300 uses. You would have to smoke at least twice a day for six months to exhaust one quality piece. You will know you need to replace the smoke buddy when blowing through it is difficult. The best thing to do to the filter is replace the piece once you have exhausted its use. Trying to clean or wash the filter for reuse is not advisable as the best thing to do is get a new quality piece that will serve you for the longest time to come.

7. Stoner Room

Having a dedicated room where you can smoke is a great idea for everyone who smokes regularly. While you can use many methods, including getting the towel wet to smoke in shared rooms, a stoner room will give you the exclusivity that you want. A smoking room is either not available or an option most of the time. The best place you can use is the laundry room. The laundry area is less frequented, and you can use the room for your smoking escapades. However, cigarette smoke is notorious, and smoking it in a room that you will frequently use for other things is not the best idea in the books.

8. Getting Rid of Cigarette Butts

Cigarette Butts are not the best things to have lying around if you intend to get rid of the odor completely from the house. When you get rid of the cigarette butt, you do yourself a great service by getting rid of the traces that might result from leftovers lying around. As we have said in this article, the cigarette smoke smell lingers for a long time after you are done smoking. If you can not get rid of the butts every time you smoke in the house, try doing it regularly.

9. Dryer Sheet

Dryer sheets can be your secret to homemade sploofs when you know what to do. You can stuff a cardboard tube or an old toilet paper tube with a dryer sheet to build a trap door. Ensure the tube is stuffed with the sheets and secure the sheet at the end with a rubber band. Once you have made your filter at home, all that is left is to use it well. Whenever you take a hit, the main thing exhaled is carbon. Exhale into the filter, and the magic will happen. The vapor will be trapped inside the dryer sheet filter you built with your hands. You can add activated charcoal into the tube and increase the efficiency. What a fun way to smoke.

10. Cleaning Up

When you are done smoking, you need to clean up. Brush your teeth for about two minutes to get rid of the odor. You can use mint if you have to get rid of the odor even more. After you smoke weed, take a shower and clean the clothes you had on. Cigarette smoke will stick on anything it comes to contact with. Therefore try your best to freshen up once you are done smoking. Practically, you can not shower every time after smoking. That would make little sense to do. Therefore, try and have a cloth or shirt that you wear while smoking that you can wash frequently.

While smoking, tie up your hair to a knot if you have long hair. This will help keep the odor from sticking to your body every time you smoke. You can have a lot of carcinogenic residue on your hair, skin and body when you do not take the necessary measures. Masking the smell using perfumes is another option you can explore after smoking.

11. Consider Vaping

Vaping as a method reduces the odor significantly because of the reduced amount of residue deposited in the air while you smoke. In addition, Vaping is a more public-friendly method of smoking and will be good for your house.

Final Take

One of the most dreaded and dangerous effects of smoking is being a third-hand smoker. With the normal side-effects mentioned on the label notwithstanding, exposing the people around you to the effects of the smoke would be an unfair thing to do. You can be a third-hand smoker and a first-hand smoker simultaneously, exposing yourself to many risks when smoking.

Once you are done smoking, and the room is filled with the cigarette smell on every surface, you are essentially a third-hand smoker. Ensure you follow the tips we have provided above to keep the risks manageable.

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